The start of the process is to connect vendors

  • Vendor has access to portal.
    • Vendor Enters products in Portal
    • Vendor Enters initial stock in Portal
    • Vendor Enters per product his price
    • Vendor Chooses to be anonymous or not
  • Customer get to see all available products from different vendors.
  • Customer depending on settings can place orders for different products
  • Depending on settings the customer will see
    • Only products and chooses products
    • Products with the possible vendors. In that case the customer can select from which vendor to buy. By default the cheapest is selected
    • Vendors can have feedback. So customer can select on feedback ratings
  • Customer can select Pickup or Delivery
  • In case of Pickup the Vendor will receive message with pickup information and the order
  • In case of Delivery the system will send automatically order to connected carriers. The Carrier will receive order and can accept or reject the transport. If transport is rejected the Smarter Solutions will send the order to the next possible carrier. In case there are no carriers available the Smarter Solutions planning department is informed.
  • After goods are picked up of delivered the status is getting updated and invoice will be created. It is also possible with settings to create invoice immediately after order creation.
  • Payment upfront with different payment methods. (Paypal, direct payment, …).
  • Delivery will be released after payment or approval.

Our pricing list

9 .99

per month

  • Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Reporting
19 .99

per month

  • Basic plus …
  • Custom Invoice layout
  • Project Management System (Sprint planning)
49 .99

per month

  • Premium plus …
  • Portal
  • Stock Maintenance